Ron looking for a loft condo.
He is looking for a house to buy in his own neigborhood.
Ron decided now was the time to buy a property.

What is a CDPE-Certified Distressed Property Expert Designation: Short Sales

CDPE Designation: An agent with this designation has specific training in understanding not only legal issues but also programs able to help distressed homeowners. This designation qualifies a sellers agent to assist a seller with a full range of solutions to help.

A distressed homeowner is in danger of losing their home to foreclosure. There are many programs available to help the homeowner during this time. A CDPE has special training to guide owners during this difficult process. There are special programs available to assist a homeowner prepared for a short sale in dealing with lenders and laws.

Distressed homeowners often must deal with court hearings and paperwork. They must prove that they are doing whatever they can to sell their home and pay off their debt. A specialized real estate agent is someone who can help to navigate through the paperwork and market the property through a variety of social media real esate marketing. Most importantly the specialized sellers agent is able to be sure that the market price is where it needs to be for a quick contract.

With the right kind of assistance from a sellers agent, a distressed homeowner is armed with a plan of how to market their home for a quick contract. Instead of heading into foreclosure, the homeowner can speak with lenders and stand up in court with their dignity intact.


A home for sale in his own area was not easy to find.

Ron decided to find out more about the property.

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